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Choose PublicationPro with confidence

Magazine publishers throughout the United States have used PublicationPro to successfully manage their publications. We do more than just sell software. We partner with you to nurture mutual success and build a trusting relationship, as evidenced by the fact that many of our clients have been with us in excess of 10 years.

What you can expect before and after the sale

Before the sale, we discuss with you the current and future needs of your business. We also conduct a demonstration of the software, highlighting how it handles, or doesn’t handle, your needs. The intent is to allow you to measure the compatibility of the system to your current operational procedures, as well as the potential the system has to adapt and grow with you.
After the sale, we work with you to develop an implementation plan to ensure the successful installation, training, and use of the software. The plan would also address conversion of your data if it is applicable to your circumstances. As the implementation wraps up, we will continue to work for you, earning your confidence in our products and services, while offering ongoing helpful support and installation of software updates as they become available.


Our knowledgeable personnel will perform the software installation for you. Beforehand, we will coordinate several items with your technician, including:
         – Network and hardware requirements (which are minimal)
         – Backup procedures for your data and software
         – Security issues
         – Remote support access


If you are replacing a system with PublicationPro, it is likely that we can accurately and automatically migrate most of your existing data into ours, and thereby save you the time and effort required if it were done manually.


Depending on your circumstances, needs and desires, we will conduct a custom-tailored training program that is delivered by an instructor, either at your site, ours, or on-line. The duration will be dependent on the number of attendees and the modules you purchase. Upon completion of this step-by-step training, your staff will be able to conduct the typical day-to-day operations for completing the entire life cycle of an issue, and so much more. As you assign additional users to the system, we can arrange training for them as well.


PublicationPro Ad Management Software is easy to use, and with hundreds of features, you’re likely to have questions. With your annual subscription to the PublicationPro Updates & Software Help (PUSH) support plan, you’ll have direct access to a publishing software expert who can help you quickly and cost-effectively — whether you want help with an unexpected matter or want to learn how to use a specific feature. The result: You can get back to business faster and get more out of PublicationPro.


As your way of doing business changes, and as technology advances, our software is enhanced to meet those requirements that make your job easier. With your annual subscription to the PublicationPro Updates & Software Help (PUSH) plan, you have the peace of mind that:
      • You will receive the latest software updates to assure your software solution is kept current.
      • You can request almost any software enhancement that makes your job easier — usually at no additional cost.

Peace of Mind

The long experience in magazine publishing coupled with proven products and services, makes PublicationPro a strong and reliable partner to help publishers succeed. Sign up for a personal demonstration or give us a call at 1-888-4PubPro to learn why you can choose with confidence.