The Right Amount of Functionality

At An Affordable Price

Excellent Value For Your Money

PublicationPro is an affordable system designed for magazine publishers to successfully manage the process of scheduling, producing, and billing their advertising, as well as generating commissions, sales analysis and forecasts.
Performance and price make PublicationPro a terrific value for magazine publishers:
  • Save time by streamlining and accelerating the life cycle of your ads.
  • Replace old spreadsheets and the limited functionality of systems you have outgrown.
  • Save money on IT support. PublicationPro is a self-contained system. So, you won’t need to install and maintain any third-party database software.
  • Save money on IT equipment. If you have a working Windows computer network, it is likely that it will be sufficient to accommodate PublicationPro.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with the PublicationPro Updates & Software Help (PUSH) plan which includes on-going support, updates, and the software enhancements you request to make your job easier.

Purchase Only What You Need

The system is available in various configurations and priced accordingly. Whether you are a startup publisher, an established enterprise, or points in between, there is a price level right for you.
The modular design gives you the flexibility to purchase as much or as little as you need, when you need it. As your business needs grow, you can add more publications, increase the number of users, and add other modules to complete your fully integrated solution. You’ll quickly notice a positive return on your investment.

Measurable Return on Your Investment

No matter the size of your organization, our solution will help you save time, get more organized, and reduce errors. The efficiency and effectiveness gained by your staff can be measured in real dollars.
Consider what these very real situations would cost you with your current procedures:

    –  What if an ad falls through the cracks and is not billed correctly, or worst, not billed at all?
PublicationPro provides the mechanism to cross-check between the ad produced and what is billed. This reduces the potential for:
– Incorrect billing of an ad
– Embarrassment from sending an invoice for an ad that never ran
– Lost revenue caused by not billing for an ad that ran
         The lost revenue could be enough to offset or even exceed the cost of purchasing PublicationPro.

    –  How much time and effort does it currently take you to organize, calculate, and enter all the invoicing  
         information for each ad in a billing cycle?
With PublicationPro you enter the ad information only once, and the billing is automatically and accurately calculated. Invoices can be produced as an email, allowing the customer to receive the invoice much quicker, while reducing your operational costs by eliminating your postage expense and the time spent stuffing the envelopes.

    –  How many phone calls do you get from customers asking for clarification of the invoice you sent?
PublicationPro helps reduce those calls by producing detailed invoices that show everything the advertiser or agency needs to know in order to pay their invoice quickly.

    – What process must you go through to gather and formulate the information necessary to prepare reports for
        account executive commissions or sales analysis?
PublicationPro offers a variety of reports, including commission and sales analysis, with extensive selection criteria so you can pinpoint much of the insight you seek. You can also produce these reports as spreadsheets when you want to examine the information from other viewpoints unique to your circumstances at hand.

    –  Would you know when you are about to run an ad for an advertiser that has not yet paid their last three ads?
PublicationPro would have alerted you well in advance. Collections reporting would have given you the opportunity to:
– Identify and collect past due amounts earlier
– Prevent the potential loss of revenue
– Defer further ads for this customer

   –  What if you missed a sale because your account executive didn’t have the tools to identify all the   advertisers
        they could have called upon for your upcoming special issue on, let’s say, local restaurants?
PublicationPro lets you easily provide each of your account executives a report of all their restaurants and corresponding sales activity. Your execs will know who to call and what their spending capabilities reflect. The lost revenue could be enough to offset or even exceed the cost of the system.

Your savings of time and effort are real with PublicationPro. We offer an excellent value per dollar you invest. Call us to discuss your needs. We’ll help you identify the modules that will make your job easier. You will see how surprisingly affordable your solution will be. Talk to us today.