Accounts Receivable

The PublicationPro Accounts Receivable is a full-featured accounting module designed for publishers to gain complete control of the receivables process; from detailed invoices, all the way to prompt payments.

• Get up-to-the-minute status of who owes you money, how much, and what for.

• Full or partial payments and prepayments can be applied automatically.

• Your invoices will show everything the advertiser or agency needs to know in order to pay their invoice quickly.

Solutions – Accounts Receivable

Use PublicationPro Accounts Receivable to track money owed by your customers, and to improve cash flow by collecting your money faster and more efficiently. Users share a single system with a single database that is always in sync. When you enter data in one module, the others are updated without having to re-enter any data. The job of your staff is thus simplified with more information at hand, and more time to do more.